6 Indications Female Infidelity


When you’ve been in a trusting relationship for some time, it can be difficult to know when something isn’t quite right. It often takes catching another person in a lie or seeing an unusual red flag for us to realize something about our partner is off.

If you are worried that your partner might be straying from the relationship, there are several signs of female infidelity that you need to look out for.

Your relationships’ in trouble bro: The warning signs

Female infidelity comes with some unique challenges and potential warning signs. Women tend to trust their instincts more than men, making them less likely to cheat on their partners unless they are in an unhealthy or unhappy relationship.

When women do stray from their monogamous relationship, there are usually telltale signs of female infidelity to look out for beforehand.

Here are 8 signals that your partner might be cheating on you:

  • She Loses Interest in Sex and Shows Disinterest in You
  • She Has an Unusually Frequent Use of Her Phone
  • She Behaves Erratically or Abruptly Changes Her Behavior Towards You
  • She Goes Out to Bars or Parties Alone (Especially on Nights When You Are Together)
  • Her Friends Behave Oddly Around You
  • Her phone’s always lying face down around you